What is this?

ScratchMagic is an insurance product that covers your car against minor dents, scratches, hail damage, rims and windscreen chips. These kinds of damages are typical of shopping trolleys bumping into your car, stones flying onto and denting your car or chipping your windscreen, minor hail damage from thunderstorms  and many more.

Ultimately, the main aim of scratch and dent insurance is to protect yourself against the costs relating to mending those bumps. To claim from your main insurance policy would risk you losing your cash back bonus and/or other benefits, and for the small monthly premiums for this extra protection, your financial situation and budgeting actually works out better.

Don’t loose your No Claims Bonus.

You don’t have to claim on your main insurance for hail damage, rims, windscreen chips, small scratches and dents, so you keep your no claims bonus on your main insurance.¬† A really great reason to apply for Car Scratch and Dent Insurance on the form below!

What size Scratch am I insured against?

Visit the chart here to see the sizes of scratches you can claim against.

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How to claim?

Claiming on your scratch and dent cover is simple.

Call: 0861 272 777 between Mondays and Fridays. The call centre is opened between 8AM and 5PM. These dates exclude public holidays.