There are a couple of reliable service providers. Some operate nationally with local branches, and others are based solely in your locale. Either way, you can and should expect expert services whenever you bring your dented or scratched car for a visit.

Auto Magic

This auto body repair station is located in a total of 8 provinces either through its owned service stores like the one in Montague Gardens, Cape Town, or through franchise partners. Auto Magic provides quality services and the latest technologies that are backed by the Auto Magic ® Guarantee.

Scratch Wizards

With locations in 3 different provinces, Scratch Wizards have a wide footprint, which is great for any driver because your bump might occur in Cape Town for example, but you may have time to fix that once you get to Johannesburg. Scratch Wizards allows you to do just that.

Streamline Smart Car Repair

Positive testimonials from past clients can have a huge impact on how well a service provider is perceived. Streamline Smart Car Repair is one such company, where you can find only good things being said about the service and workmanship of the people you will leave your car to.

Scratch Mobile

Scratch Mobile is based in Kempton Park, just outside OR Thambo International Airport. They have a unique value proposition in that you can get your car fixed while you’re travelling and come back to fetch it when you lend, or have the shop bring it to your home. Another great thing is the mobile repair service where Scratch Mobile sends its qualified repair mechanics to wherever you are.

Dent Doctor

Dent Doctor is available in branches in the East Cape, Northern Cape, Western Cape, Gauteng and the North-West province. It also has branches in other SADC countries. This is superb for travellers because many insurance companies in South Africa do cover you for minor dents and scratches while travelling in these countries.


Carty is a Gauteng-based dent repair service provider. Their auto body specialists work with scratches and dents on windscreens, paint, mirrors, rims and lights. Visit either of their 2 branches in Garsfontein or the Woodlands today.

Make sure you are protected in future!

Insurance to fix that scratch, rub that dent and buff that scuff. That’s the promise Scratch Magic offers you, but who exactly will do the actual labour of fixing that scratch and so on? This is where scratch and dent car repair shops come in. These are the guys who will assess the severity of the dent, consider what options are available for you to get it off, and possibly assist you in making a successful claim from your scratch and dent insurance company that you can find by filling out the form below.

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